The regional hospital was organized in 1952 on January by the Decision of the Executive Committee of the Alma-Ata Regional Council of People's Deputies №457 of July 12, 1952 on the basis of the district hospital in Malaya Stanitsa, Alma-Ata, with 75 beds.

For health care of the rural population, the following settlements were assigned to the Regional Hospital: Malaya Stanitsa, collective farms: "Gorny Gigant", "Luch Vostok", "Turksib". “Commune named after Stalin","Kamenskoe Plateau". By the end of 1952, the hospital's bed capacity was increased to 200 beds and included: therapeutic, surgical, children's, maternity departments.

In 1958, in connection with the opening of the second regional hospital in Taldykorgan, the Alma-Ata regional hospital was assigned №1 and began to be called the united hospital №1 of the Alma-Ati regional health department. the regional hospital in Taldykorgan was assigned number 2.

By order of the Minister of Health of the USSR, throughout the country, at regional and Central regional hospitals, to open organizational and methodological departments, offices, which became the center of evidence of organizational, methodological, practical assistance to the rural population of the region.

In 1968, a new standard 3-storey building was commissioned for a regional hospital for 250 beds with a polyclinic for 500 visits per shift with all auxiliary units: a laundry, a catering unit, a garage for 3 boxes, a local radiotelephone center, a voice recorder center, an elevator.

The hospital's bed capacity has increased to 355 beds. In addition, such departments were opened as: urology - 30 beds, neurological - 30 beds, pathology of pregnant women - 30 beds, ENT - 30 beds, oncology - 40 beds, traumatology - 40 beds. A radiological office was opened on the basis of the X-ray department. Anesthesiology department with 3 beds was opened independently.

On the basis of the consultative polyclinic, an emergency department has been opened, which includes medical aviation. The department is equipped with high-passable motor transport in the amount of 3 units. Emergency calls were serviced around the clock throughout the area. States were allocated in the amount of 5.5 doctors, dispatchers' posts - 4 units, 10 drivers. The vehicles are equipped with a radio, which made it possible to coordinate their movement.

On the basis of the therapeutic, surgical departments, two departments of the Alma-Ata State Medical Institute, Propodeutics of Internal Diseases and General Surgery were located, and since 1968 the hospital has been called the Regional Clinical Hospital.

In 1972, the bed capacity increased from 355 to 450, the 2nd therapeutic department was opened - gastroenterology for 40 beds, and the trauma department provided 20 beds for patients with neurotrauma.

The regional hospital served 718 thousand people from 10 districts of the region.

The first Chief Physician of the Regional Hospital was the honored physician of the Kazakh SSR, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Tuzhanov Abdykali Turzhanovich.

Specialists from AOKB and regional institutions often traveled to the districts and provided great organizational, methodological, and practical assistance. Specialists on the spot in the Central Regional Hospital, Subs, and SVA received and consulted patients.

From 2011 to May 2015, the clinic was headed by the candidate of medical sciences Turysbekov Kuatzhan Turarovich.

From May 2015 to July 2020, the clinic was headed by the Moldakulov Zhumakhan Mukashovich, traumatologist of the highest category - Excallence in Healthcare.  

Since July 2020, the clinic has been headed by Akhmetova Elmira Akylbekovna. Obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category - has diploma from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, encouragement from the leadership of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, medical organizations, badges "Excellence in Healthcare" and "for contribution to the development of Healthcare".