Urology department


  The urological department was organized from the first days of equipping the AMCH as part of the surgical department. In 1968, a 30-beds urology department was officially opened.

Over the years, the leading urologists of Kazakhstan worked in the department of urology of the AMCH: Bryushkov V.V., Iskakbayev Sh. I., Gilyazov A. Kh., Alchinbayev M.K. and Shaleikenov B.V.

For a long time, the department was headed by a urologist of the highest qualification category Shynybayev B.K. – the author of the procedure for the operation “Plastic operation of the pelvis-urethral segment”. Also he initiated  to use of a hydroballoon for adenomectomy.


Currently, the doctors of the department are actively introducing modern, minimally invasive methods of treating urological disease. The department has 14 beds for patients.

The department of urology treats such diseases as:

·        benign prostatic hyderplasia
·        urolithiasis
·        urethral strictures
·        failure of the pelvic-ureteral segment of the kidneys
·        inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and prostate, etc.

Experienced specialists carry out a wide range of operations:

·        contact laser ureterolithotripsy
·        contact laser pyelolithotripsy
·        contact laser cystolithotripsy
·        bipolar
·        bipolar of the bladder polyp
·        bladder adenomectomy
·        nephrectomy
·        plastic surgery of the pelvic-ureteric segment
·        bipolar of bladder leukoplakia
·        pyelolithotomy
·        ureterolithotomy
·        intraoptic urethrotomy
·        cystostomy (cystolithotomy)
·        bougienage of the urethral stricture
·        installation of an internal stent catheter

The department is equipped with modern urological equipment:

  • Ureterorenoscope
  • “DORNIER” laser lithotripter
  • “R WOLF”operating cytoscope

Thanks to modern equipment, the doctors of the department can carry out complex operations of transurethral resection of the prostate gland, laser lithotripsy, lithoextraction and biopsy of the bladder formation.


   Scientific articles of the doctors of the department are constantly published in scientific medical journals, in order to improve their qualifications, our employees take part in scientific conferences, master classes held both in the country and abroad.

The specialists of the department maintain constant communication with the leading urologists of the department of urology of the ASIATD and NC of urology named after B.Y. Jarbusynov.

The head of the department is Kozhai Rapylbekovich Madigulov. Doctor-urologist of the highest qualification. Awarded with medals “Golden scalpel”, “Altyn dariger-2019”.


Shynybayev T.B. – urologist of the highest category

Zhasybai B. Zh. – urologist of the highest category

Zhumagulov E. M. – urologist of the highest category

Akhmetova L. A. – senior nurse

The department of urology employs 6 nurses.

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