Accounting department


Since the commissioning of the hospital, a centralized accounting department was opened, which kept records for four institution (regional hospital, dermatovenerologic, narcological and medical-physical dispensaries).


In our clinic, for many years the accounting  department was headed by the chief account Nikolai Federovich Sopov, the assistant was Faina Prokofievna Soboleva, who later (in 1980), after Nikolai Federovich left for well-deserved rest, headed the accounting department. In 1982, Galina Nikolaevne Novitskaya was appointed to the position of chief accountant, holding this position until 1994. In 1994, a young specialist Raisa Vladimirovna Lagutina was appointed to the position of chief accountant, who, before taking the position, went through all the stages of accounting, starting to work as a material accountant, an economist and received over the years the title of a certificate of a professional accountant. Since 2021, Asel Koblanovna Tasbulatova was appointed to the position of chief accountant. The accounting department is proud of specialist, most of whom have the highest qualification category – Bakhtigul Iliyasovna Tokhtakhunova, Raikhan Satbaevna Smailova and others.


In recent years, the government of the country, especially President of our Republic, has been paying attention to the development of health care. Funding is increasing from year to year, and this is reflected in the financial performance of our hospital. So over the years, the financing of the clinic has increased from 128 million tenge in 2003 to 3 billion 314 million tenge in 2020, i.n. funding has increased more than twenty times. The average salary of doctors in 2020 increased from 260 thousand to 303 thousand, nursing staff from 160 thousand to 171 thousand, junior and other personnel from 106 thousand to 195 thousand. All this suggests that patients in our clinic have the opportunity to receive the full volume of guaranteed free treatment and the hospital staff – receive wages in accordance with their activities.


The main responsibilities of the accounting department:


ü  maintaining the accounting records of the organization;


ü  formation of the accounting policy of the organization;


ü  development of internal documents of the organization for the accounting of operations performed and the preparation of financial statements, based on the accounting policy of the organization;


ü  ensuring the relevance of the content of the organization`s internal documents on the organization and maintenance of accounting and preparation of financial statements;


ü  ensuring timely and reliable reflection in accounting and financial reporting of all operations performed by the organization;


ü  maintenance of accounting records and preparation financial statements, by drawing up instructions on the procedure for the execution, registration and accounting of operations that are mandatory for all divisions of the organization;


ü  organization of work on the complete and timely preparation and presentation of financial statements;


ü  maintaining accounting records of property and liabilities (accounting for fixed assets, inventory items, production costs, sales of services, results of economic and financial activities, settlements with suppliers and customers, for services provided, etc.); 


Contact information: Phone number: +7(727)399-38-49





The chief accountant of the hospital is Asel Koblanovna Tasbulatova.

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